Farmhouse in the heart of the Conero Park

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The Rustico del Conero Farmhouse was created in the late 70s, when the Polenta family purchased an old farmhouse once inhabited by a sharecropper (a farmer from the past who cultivated someone else’s land, sharing the profits from cultivation with the owner).

The recent renovation of the old farmhouse has resulted in 11 units, including rooms and small apartments, which are now part of a family-run agricultural guesthouse.

The family has modernised the farmhouse while maintaining its identity and continuing the cultivation of traditional raw materials: cereals, olives and native plants among many others. All these products are now sold throughout the Marche region, concentrating on the concept of circular economy, mainly by selling locally.

The old barn has been transformed into a large and panoramic pergola, where the owners serve breakfast to guests and organise events. In this evocative space it is possible to hold dinners, aperitifs, private events and show-cooking sessions, organised with care by the farmhouse or by external partners.

What the Rustico del Conero Farmhouse aims to offer travellers is immersion in its own land, within the classic rural context of the Marche region and with flavours of a land cultivated in a 100% organic way. Because ultimately, today’s organic products make you want to go back in time to when food was produced from simple and healthy raw materials, like those from your grandmother’s garden, and from farms of old.

Certified organic

The Italian Hospitality Trademark, promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, is a way to guarantee the quality of hospitality facilities in Italy.

All the farm’s produce is certified organic. The family that runs the farm is particularly sensitive to environmental issues.

Regional classification symbol of the farmhouse: 5 Peaks

Rustico del Conero is a quality farmhouse, characterised by 5 peaks. This classification is given based on scores of 3 different characteristics: the structural score, the agricultural score and the amenities score. Explore the Rustico del Conero Farmhouse’s surroundings


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